Do I need to be fit?2016-10-17T09:26:54+10:00

No although a basic level of fitness and mobility is required. As long as you can ride a bicycle, you can ride an electric bike. The great thing about ebikes is that they accommodate all levels of fitness. All of our electric bicycles have a range of different power levels that you can choose as you ride along, depending on how much power you want.

Do I need to be an experienced cyclist?2016-10-17T09:28:19+10:00

You don’t need to be an experienced cyclist but you do need to know how to ride a bicycle safely, even if it was a long time ago. Electric bikes are easy to ride and we give you some instruction and tips as well!

I’m fit. Can I still challenge myself on an ebike?2016-10-17T09:29:31+10:00

Yes, absolutely. The motor doesn’t work unless you pedal. What makes the difference is the level of assistance you choose. So, if you want a good workout just turn the power down or off.

Are there height and weight restrictions?2017-05-31T01:12:55+10:00

We have a range of ebikes to accommodate a range of sizes and abilities however there are some restrictions. Riders must be a minimum of 150cm tall and there is a maximum rider weight of 100kg. If you have any questions on bike suitability then please contact us. We will accommodate you if we can.

Do I need to book?2017-05-31T01:12:55+10:00

Yes, bookings are required. If you have an extra person at the last minute or drop in to hire on impulse we will do our best to accommodate however bookings will always take preference.

What should I wear / bring?2017-05-31T01:12:55+10:00

Wear something that you are comfortable riding in that’s suitable for the climate at the time. During summer, we recommend that you wear sunglasses and loose long sleeves for staying cool and for sun protection. And don’t forget your suncreen – even in winter!

We also recommend that you avoid wearing thongs and, if possible, avoid long loose trousers or skirts that could get caught in the running gear. If you want a bicycle with protection on its running gear ie. a chainguard please let us know.

Our electric bikes are fitted with waterproof handlebar bags in which you can carry your essentials. Just contact us if you have any questions or a special requirement. We will do our best to provide an ebike that suits what you need.

You will also need to bring your drivers licence (or passport) and your credit card when you collect your e-bike so don’t forget to bring them as well.

What does the price to hire an ebike cover?2016-10-17T10:04:12+10:00

A well-maintained road legal electric bike, an Australian Standards approved bicycle helmet and a bike lock. Most of our ebikes will be equipped with a basket or pannier bags to carry your gear as well.

Do I need to bring a helmet?2016-10-17T12:14:55+10:00

We supply helmets but you are welcome to use your own if you prefer.

Do I have to wear a helmet?2016-10-18T02:46:34+10:00

Yes. All cyclists in Queensland are required to wear a helmet by law.

What if I need to cancel?2016-10-17T12:16:21+10:00

We have a 48 hour cancellation policy. If you notify us that you would like to cancel more than 48 hours outside the booking then we will fully refund your hire fee. If you cancel within 48 hours then no refund is possible.

Are ebikes hard to use?2016-10-17T12:17:24+10:00

As long as you are capable of riding a bicycle then an electric bicycle is easy to use. Most people actually find them easier!

Can children ride ebikes?2016-10-17T12:21:29+10:00

If your child is within the height and weight restrictions and you are confident that they can manage the additional weight and speed of an electric bike then it is possible. They must be supervised. We recommend that you contact us first though to make sure as we also have other options for children to join in.

Can I carry my child on the ebike?2016-10-17T12:22:29+10:00

We also offer child seats and trailers for carrying children of various ages. The law in Queensland permits children less than 10 years old to be carried or towed by an adult, and the child must also wear a helmet.

What road rules do I need to be aware of?2016-10-18T02:45:05+10:00

Queensland has strict rules regarding usage of bicycles and they are regularly enforced. Electric bicycles are permitted on dedicated cycle paths, on footpaths if its not signposted otherwise and all cyclists, electric and non-electric, must give way to pedestrians. If you ride on the road you must also adhere to normal car rules.

For more info, read the Queensland bicycle and safety laws.

Can I ride an ebike if it’s raining?2016-10-17T12:24:42+10:00

Yes. The electric drive systems and battery are fully sealed so riding in the rain is no problem.

How far can I ride my ebike?2016-10-17T12:29:20+10:00

This can vary however expect about 60km.

What if my battery runs out?2016-10-17T12:30:47+10:00

Pedal! Or if you have your charger find somewhere that will let you recharge.

What if I get a flat tyre?2016-10-17T14:51:03+10:00

Hopefully you won’t as we have fitted each bike with puncture resistant tyres and top quality tubes. Please watch where you are riding and avoid riding over sharp object such as broken glass. If you get one though there is a can of puncture proof spray to get you moving again.

What if I want to keep the ebike for longer?2016-10-17T15:14:01+10:00

That’s great! Call us before your hire expires though so we can sort out the details and so late fees are not charged.

Can I buy my ebike if I really like it?2016-10-17T15:19:33+10:00

Yes. We can arrange through our retail operations to build you a brand new one and can also arrange to transport it to your home if you want.