Bike Hire For Women – Electric Bikes

We have a great selection of hire bikes suitable for women and we cater to a variety of preferences. Our great range of electric bikes for hire possibly makes us the best bike hire in Brisbane. We like to think so anyway and hope you do as well 🙂

When it comes to electric bikes and bicycles in general women tend to fall into two categories: those who prefer a cruisy, comfortable ride-about-town bike or those who prefer a sporty bike.

Cruisy, comfortable bikes for women

We make sure all of our electric bikes are comfortable – we want you to enjoy your ride 🙂 – but there are some bikes that are built especially to make your ride as relaxed and comfortable as you want it to be.

We have two brands of bikes available for hire that will have you smiling all day: the SmartMotion eCity and, for the taller riders, the FreeGo Eagle Max Stepthrough.

These electric bikes are fitted with lovely comfortable seats and handlebar grips, and have a low stepthrough frame so are easy to get on and off. Another feature that makes them comfortable and cruisy is having swept back handlebars that offer that nice upright riding position. This means you get to sit up nice and tall while the bike does the work for you. It’s a very relaxing and enjoyable riding feeling.

What we also love about these electric bikes for hire that we have for women is that they have strong motors to assist you, so riding around town can be very easy and is lots of fun. Perfect for Brisbane’s hilly terrain, and hot humid climate in summer.

Faster, sporty bikes for women

If you are a rider who is used to riding road bikes or mountain bikes you might prefer a sportier e-bike for hire. These bicycles typically have a frame style that has you leaning forward a bit more, so you can transfer more power when you pedal.

We offer a number of sportier hire options but if you still want the lower stepthrough frame then the Earth UI5 electric bike and AVE SH-9 touring ebike are the best choices. The Earth Ui5 has a rear drive motor while the AVE has a mid-drive motor, so if you have a preference there is a choice. If you don’t and just want a sporty womens electric bike go with the one you like the look of the most!

And of course we also have the more traditional crossbar frame styles available. These are explained in our hire bikes for men section but they are a great ride no matter what gender you are if you like that style of bike. We also have  ‘hire bikes for smaller riders’ as well.