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What does the ebike come with?2019-06-11T06:35:10+10:00

Every delivery ebike comes with a charger, lights, a lock, phone holder and puncture resistance. We also provide helmets at just $1 a day if you need one.

What size are the delivery ebikes?2019-06-11T06:35:19+10:00

Our delivery ebikes will suit riders between 160cm to 195cm. Maximum weight allowed is 100kg.

How far will the battery take me?2019-06-11T06:35:29+10:00

Our electric bikes for delivery have been fitted with longer-range batteries. Expect 80km per charge, some up to 100km per charge. NOTE: If you ride at power levels of 4 or more all the time it uses you battery much faster and you will only get approx. 50% of this range.

How long will it take to recharge the battery?2019-06-11T06:35:36+10:00

It depends on how empty the battery is. If low on charge it can take 5-6 hours to fully charge. A charger is provided with your bike.

Can the battery be removed for charging?2019-06-11T06:35:46+10:00

Yes. You can charge the battery on the bike and it can also be removed from the bike for charging if necessary. NOTE: If you lose the keys to the battery then $50 will be deducted from your bond as we will need to source replacement keys.

What times can I collect / drop off my bike?2019-06-11T06:35:53+10:00

Collections are at 9.30am and drop offs at 4.30pm on the days that you have booked to collect and drop off. You will be sent an email reminder. NOTE: Late fees of $59 per day apply if not dropped off when scheduled. We are open every day except Sundays.

Can I pay by Direct Debit?2019-06-11T06:36:00+10:00

You can pay via direct debit on our ‘long-term’ hire periods of two (2) months or more. You pay two weeks in advance plus your bond when you book through our online booking system and the rest is paid weekly via direct debit. Fill in your direct debit application via the link we send you with your booking confirmation.

What is the longest that I can hire for?2019-06-11T06:36:19+10:00

Six (6) months. Book ‘Delivery Hire – Long-term’ and select how long you want the bike for. Minimum long-term hire is two (2) months.

What is the shortest period that I can hire for?2019-06-11T06:36:27+10:00

To get the Delivery hire rates the shortest hire period is one (1) week and we have short-term hire rates up to four (4) weeks. See our Leisure hire section if you want shorter hire periods.

Can I extend my hire booking?2019-06-11T06:36:33+10:00

Yes. Contact us if you want to extend it. If it is a short term hire then we will need to take payment to secure the booking eg over the phone. If it is a long-term hire on direct debit then we will extend the bike and the direct debit period.

When is my bond refunded?2019-08-21T11:11:06+10:00

We collect a $150 bond when you book your hire. This is refunded within 3-4 days once your bike and equipment is safely returned. If there is damage to the bike or you lose any equipment eg. keys, lights, phone mounts, your bond will be reduced by the cost to repair or replace it. If you damage or lose your bike then we will apply the pre-authorisation to collect the cost of repair or replacement if necessary.

What happens when I get a flat tyre or have a problem?2019-06-11T06:36:47+10:00

We give you a puncture repair sealant when you collect. If you have to use it then you will be charged out of your bond when you bring the bike back. If the sealant doesn’t work then let us know straight away and bring your bike in. We will swap it for another bike or wheel if there is one available or repair as quickly as we can. We keep parts on hand for common issues to minimise delays.

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