Hire Bikes for Men

When you say ‘Men’s bikes’ most people automatically think of bicycles with the higher crossbar frame. These require you to step over the bike to mount it and are designed so you sit forward with your weight over the front wheels. The reason for this design is so there is a greater transfer of power from your pedalling, hence why men’s bicycles tend to be considered faster and sportier.

What is emerging now, and what we are experiencing through our retail operation Electric Bikes Brisbane, is a sea change. The European preferences are starting to influence bicycle choices in Australia now!

Of course, having the European-standard now for electric bikes has made a massive difference – pedal assisted bicycles that provide up to 250watts of extra power when you pedal and suddenly you don’t have to be concerned that you can’t go fast.

Many men now list comfort as their priority when it comes to choosing a bike. And with an ebike you also get the added bonus of being able to commute or ride for pleasure without being too concerned about getting sweaty, so riding in your suit or casual clothes carrying a laptop or bags means your bike can become your primary form of transport and fun.

Men now tend to choose between three types of bikes and we are pleased to offer hire choices in all three types:

1. Traditional, fast crossbars

For men who want a bike that is sleek and sporty the BH Emotion Evo Cross is a great choice. It also has a really responsive, sporty motor that puts a massive smile on your face if you like that speed feeling.

For those who prefer a mountain bike style frame, and also want to try an electric bike with mid-drive motor, we have the FreeGo Hawk MTB. This is a mountain bike style frame with 29er wheels, modified for on-road use with some fast rolling 2″ slick tyres.

2. Comfort with a crossbar

If you still prefer the crossbar style frame but are looking for the comfortable upright riding position then we have the FreeGo Hawk gents mid drive bike. This bike comes with a full comfort spec and is also equipped with all the extras such as mudguards, rear rack, lights etc. This is a great bike for taller riders or for those looking for a comfortable, cruisy ride around.

3. Comfortable stepthrough

The ultimate in comfort and ease of use. A frame style that you can just easily step through to get on or off, and equipped with extras designed to help you cruise around with ease – comfortable seats, ergo grips, lights etc. These bikes make you feel like you are on holiday when you ride them but they have superb power and you will get around a lot faster and easier than you expect.

We have a selection of bikes in this style to also cater for taller riders, smaller riders and riders who want really easy gears. Just let us know what your preference is when you book and we will do our best to match you to the bike that you want.