Hire Bikes for Smaller Riders

Most bicycles are quite large. Especially ones that you hire! Through our retail operations, Electric Bikes Brisbane, we have found that riders of smaller stature also need comfortable options.

We want our customers to feel comfortable and enjoy their experience with ebikes so have put two electric bikes into our fleet especially for smaller riders. These bikes are also a great choice if it is important for you to be able to put your feet on the ground while sitting on the seat.

SmartMotion eCity

This is a beautiful comfortable full size bicycle that has the bonus of having a low seat height. This bike will comfortably fit riders from approx* 153cm to 180cm, so suits a wide range of sizes. It is an easy bike to ride and very comfortable and so as long as you are able to ride a normal bicycle you will love riding it.

FreeGo Folder

Our folding electric bikes are just so versatile. They are designed to be portable so you can take them away with you or store them easily but they are also a good option for smaller riders or less confident riders because they are smaller bicycles overall, and easier to manage as a result.

The FreeGo Folder is a superb little bike. It has a very strong motor so hills are never a problem but what makes it especially good for smaller riders is its extra low stepthrough frame and low seat height. This e-bike generally suits riders of approx* 150cm high and taller

*Note: There are a number of factors, in addition to rider height, that determine if a bike ‘fits’ so this is a general guide only.