How Do They Work?

eBike Hire Brisbane has a variety of electric bikes available for hire ranging from hybrid multi-purpose mid-drive ebikes to cruisy and comfortable around-town bikes. All of our ebikes feature the latest in smart technology that allows you to pedal along with as little or as much effort as you want. Add more power if you want an easy climb on the hills or power down if you feel like working harder.

The bikes do the hard work leaving you free to enjoy the simple pleasure of cycling around beautiful Brisbane, no matter how high or low, hot or humid.

Mid-Drive Rail Trail EBike

How Far?

Your battery will take you 60 kilometres or more, depending on your own effort. The display on the handlebar will show you how much battery you have left. If you think you will ride further than this then let us know and take a charger with you so you can top up.

Read our FAQs for more information.

Bosch Intuvia Display

How Fast?

The ebike will assist you to a maximum speed of 25km/hour. This is the legal power output limit for electric bikes in Australia. Of course you can go faster under your own pedal power too if you want.

Hub-Drive EBike | Electric Bikes Hire

Ebikes are a great way for riders of different abilities and strength to all ride comfortably together. We offer family and group packages, and can equip your bike with extras such as baskets and pannier bags too if needed. Please contact us with your requirements. Advance bookings for groups are recommended.